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AZEK Decking is a premium, low-maintenance PVC decking product line made from a unique blend of recycled materials. It features a proprietary, patented technology that creates a highly durable, moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant decking solution ideal for outdoor living spaces. With a wide range of colors and finishes, AZEK Decking offers homeowners the ability to create a custom look that perfectly complements their home's exterior. All Azek decking also comes with a 50-year fade and stain limited warranty.

Azek - Harvest
Price: $$

The Azek Harvest Collection offers a warm, inviting look reminiscent of traditional, painted wood. The collection features a range of earthy, natural colors and a unique, variegated grain pattern that provides added depth and character to each board.

Azek - Landmark
Price: $$$

 The Azek Landmark Collection features a smooth, solid-color finish and an understated, modern look. The collection is available in a range of stylish, neutral colors designed to complement any home's exterior and blend seamlessly into outdoor living spaces.

Azek - Vintage
Price: $$$$

The Azek Vintage Collection gives a distressed, wood-like look that captures the timeless beauty and character of aged, reclaimed wood. The collection is available in a range of rich, warm colors that are designed to evoke the look of natural, weather-worn wood.


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