Durabond Steel Fences


Wilkins Fences and Decks specializes in installing Durabond steel fencing. Durabond Fences have been used in australia for the last 50 years and are proven to withstand even the harshest conditions. If you're looking for a stylish, durable, low maintenance fence that will last longer than any other fence, look no further than Durabond. 

Why Choose Durabond?


With Durabond fences, you no longer need to worry about rotting posts or termite damage. Durabond fences are sturdy enough to withstand rain, snow, ice, and also help protect against fire.

Neighbor Friendly

You no longer have to decide who gets stuck with the "ugly" side of the fence. Both you and your neighbor can enjoy the sleek, modern style of durabond from either side of the fence.

Low Maintenance

No more yearly staining, sealing, or painting your fence. No more pressure washing and scrubbing your vinyl fence to avoid yellowing. With Durabond all you need is quick rinse with a hose it will look like new. 


If you are looking for a fence that will give you more privacy, Durabond is a great choice. Because it is built with zero gaps in the fence,  you can enjoy your yard knowing its completely private. 






Woodland Grey

Style Options


Decorative Top Rail


Plain Top Rail