Azek Decking 

Unrivaled Design and Performance

      Azek Decking is Wilkins Fences and Decks top choice. When it comes to quality, convenience, and style, it's hard to beat Azek. Here are a few things that make Azek decking such a great choice:

  • No wood - You can forget about mold and other moisture damage.

  • Naturally Cool - Azek decking can be up to 30 degrees cooler than many competitive composite products.

  • Durable - superior scratch and dent resistance.

  • 50 year fade and stain warranty - We get it, spills happen, luckily with Azek, they are easy to clean up.

  • More traction, fewer falls - Up to 40% better slip resistance than competitive composite products.

  • Lifetime warranty - unrivaled in the industry with a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Environmentally friendly - No trees are cut down to make Azek decking.

  • Low maintenance - Quiet spending money and time trying to maintain your beautiful deck, with Azek there is no need to sand, stain or paint your deck ever again.

  • 2-4 year Labor warranty - Because we are sponsored by Azek, your deck will come with a 2-4 year labor warranty (2 years for just the deck, 4 years if you pair it with Timbertech railings)

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